Safety Boot Camp

Turner Safety Boot Camp is an intense 3 week course in OSHA Construction Safety.  Students that qualify will be enrolled in a rigorous 30 HR academic program.  Upon successful completion of the Fed OSHA Regulatory training, students will take part in 2 weeks of on-site safety compliance training at a real construction project.  This phase of the class prepares students to recognize and correct common safety violations.   Students will participate in safety training exercises, safety meetings, disciplinary matters and safety incentive activities.  This part of the class is necessary to develop students communication skills required for a career in Construction Safety.   Graduates may qualify to be placed at one of our active construction projects.  Condition for placement depends on availability and there is no guarantee that students will be placed in a paid position within the industry.  All students who complete the course with diligence will be given our highest recommendation for job placement within the industry.

For more information call 510-364-6010 or 510-742-7460.