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Welcome to Turner Safety’s Qualified Rigger and Crane Signal-person Video Training Program.  Our goal in making this video was to prepare you to work safely around hoisting equipment and provide information on rigging loads with slings and other basic rigging hardware used to hoist loads in the air.  You should be aware and informed of the latest federal OSHA regulations for Cranes & Derricks SubPart CC 1926 .1400.

Download the Rigger and Signals rules 1926.1408 thru 1412 for taking the exam at the end of the video.

This Video Training tool is intended to supplement your employers training program in accordance with federal OSHA 1926.20 (f) 2

Rigging should be treated with extreme caution. There are many hazards that can exist when it comes to lifting loads. To apply safe rigging practices, workers must be aware of the dangers and any potential hazards that they might encounter at the job site. No two lifts are identical and federal OSHA regulations require training and testing.

Our goal in making this training video was to provide useful information to Construction Professionals and individuals who want to refresh their knowledge of rigging and suspending loads, as well as staying current with OSHA’S compliance requirements. The video covers basic Crane Safety, Rigging & Signals.

After you finish the video, you will take a short exam.  All students who pass the exam (70% passing grade required), will get a Qualified Rigger wallet card good for 5 years.  If you have previously attended a Turner Safety Qualified Rigger workshop, we will extend you current card for another 5 year period.

All purchasers be advised ** that this Qualified Rigging training video is offered as a training tool to assist employers and other users with information and instruction for meeting OSHA safety training requirements for their employees.   All employers are responsible for ensuring the competency of their own employees who are exposed to hazardous conditions by providing training and supervision.

Note: Turner Safety also offers instructor-led Qualified Rigging classes taught by expert instructors at our facility in Dublin, CA.


Qualified Rigger Safe Rigging Practices Handout

Click here to download

Qualified Rigger 11 Best practices handout

Click here to download

Crane and Rigging Regulations Fed OSHA 1926.1400 handout

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After you make a payment for the Qualified Rigger Training Video Class, your training video will run automatically. If you choose “Rent” option, you will have 7 days to access the video. Google Chrome is a recommended browser for our video training on your computer.

By making payment, you agree to accept our terms and condition

Qualified Rigger Video Training from Steve Turner on Vimeo.

If you are on a mobile device, you can purchase and watch our  Qualified Rigger Training Video HERE for a better mobile experience.



When you finish watching the video, you must take a short exam for the Qualified Rigger Training Video class. Please contact us for the Qualified Rigger exam.  PASSING SCORE OF 70% REQUIRED.  Once you finish your EXAM, SIGN IT, scan or take a picture of your exam and fax it to 1-510-952-3853 or e-mail your exam to sturner@turnerrisk.com.

Please include your printed name and mailing address for your wallet card.  DON’T FORGET TO SIGN YOUR EXAM.

Qualified Rigger Video Training from Steve Turner on Vimeo.



After you pass the exam, we will mail your wallet card within 10 business days Your card will be valid for years from the day you take an exam.


** Rigging is a dangerous job in construction. Through proper training, planning, and a understanding of the roles that a Qualified Rigger has, hazards and accidents can be minimized or possibly eliminated.  All lifts require a Rigging Plan that has details about the load and hazards that could potentially happen during a lift. Other hazards that may exist include, gear malfunctions, weather, overhead obstacles, and unsafe power-line practices.

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