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Welcome to our Fall Protection Video for Competent Person. This online class is intended to supplement your employers training program in accordance with federal OSHA 1926 and Cal OSHA title 8 3203. This streaming video* was produced live and is designed to address the regulatory requirements of Fed OSHA’s  fall protection regulation. The total run time is 3 hours and 10 minutes.

After you finish this video training, you will take a short exam and all students who pass the exam (70% passing grade required), will get a Fall Protection Competent Person wallet certificate good for 3 years.  If you have previously attended a Turner Safety Fall protection workshop for competent persons, we will extend you license for another 3 year period.

All purchasers be advised ** that this fall protection training video is offered as a training tool to assist employers and other users with information and instruction for meeting OSHA safety training requirements for their employees.

Note:  Turner Safety also offers instructor-led Competent Person Fall Protection classes taught by expert instructors at our facility in Dublin, CA.

Download Your Handouts Using The Links Below

OSHA Fall Protection Safety and Health Regulations for Construction

Turner Safety Fall Protection Best Practices handout

Purchase And Watch Your Training Video

After you make a payment for the Fall Protection Video class, your training video will run automatically. If you choose “Rent” option, you will have 7 days to access the video. Google Chrome is a recommended browser for our video training on your computer.

By making payment, you agree to accept our terms and condition

Download/Purchase Video

If you are on a mobile device, you can purchase and watch our Fall Protection Video Training HERE for a better mobile experience.

Finish Your Exam

When you finish watching the video, you must take a short exam for the Fall Protection Video class. Please contact us for the Fall Protection exam. PASSING SCORE OF 70% REQUIRED.  Once you finish your EXAM,  SIGN IT, scan or take a picture of your exam and fax it to 1-510-952-3853 or e-mail your exam to sturner@turnerrisk.com. Please include your printed name and mailing address for your wallet certificate.


Please include your printed name and mailing address for your wallet certificate.  This is a signed pdf copy of your Fall Protection license good for 3 years.  Laminated student wallet cards are also available for an additional $30.   DON’T FORGET TO SIGN YOUR EXAM.

“I thought the fall protection video was great as I am often on construction sites, but not as a construction worker.  Though I knew some of the stuff in the video already, I really enjoyed learning the correct/proper terminology for various fall protection items I often come across.  This video was a great value for the price!  Thanks!”  – Tommy F. – AIA

*The training content is suitable for safety managers field foreman, supervisors and others who wish to attain the rating of competent person fall protection training.  Keep in mind that OSHA’s requires a qualified person to assess material strengths. lateral forces and tensions that may be applied to horizontal lifeline systems.  These fall protection devices require the assistance of a qualified person to design, install and supervise the installation of the system. OSHA requires all employers to designate a qualified person and/or a  competent person when employees are exposed to fall hazards greater than 6 feet above a lower level.   **Turner Risk Consulting Inc. dba Turner Safety makes no representation as to the competency of any individual and employers are ultimately responsible for assessing workplace hazards and evaluating their own employees’ performance.  Users are strongly advised to assess and evaluate their own work sites and refer to their own local regulations and or Federal OSHA regulations for meeting compliance requirements for employee protection and hazardous work areas including fall exposures.

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