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Welcome to Turner Safety’s Confined Space Video Training Program.  Our goal in making this video was to prepare you before entering confined spaces. You should be aware and informed of the latest federal OSHA regulations for general industry and construction permit confined space entry requirements. This online class is intended to supplement your employers training program in accordance with federal OSHA 1910.146 and 1926.1200.

Confined spaces should be treated with the upmost caution. There are many hazards that can exist within enclosed work areas. This video is intended for workers who must work in confined spaces.  To safely enter these areas, workers must be aware of the dangers within and of any other potential hazards that they might create while working in the space. No two confined spaces are identical and the federal OSHA regulations require training, testing and rescue procedures to be fully implemented prior to entering confined spaces.

Our goal in making these training tools is to provide relevant and useful information to Construction Professionals and individuals who want to refresh their knowledge of the hazards of working in a confined space as well as staying current with OSHA’S compliance requirements.

After you finish this video training, you will take a short exam and all students who pass the exam (70% passing grade required), will get a Confined Space Trained wallet card good for 2 years.  If you have previously attended a Turner Safety Confined Space workshop, we will extend you current card for another 2 year period.

All purchasers be advised ** that this Confined Space training video is offered as a training tool to assist employers and other users with information and instruction for meeting OSHA safety training requirements for their employees.

Note:  Turner Safety also offers instructor-led Confined Space classes taught by expert instructors at our facility in San Leandro.



Turner Safety’s Confined Space Workbook

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Turner Safety Confined Space Best practices handout

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After you make a payment for the Confined Space Video Class, your training video will run automatically. If you choose “Rent” option, you will have 7 days to access the video. Google Chrome is a recommended browser for our video training on your computer.

By making payment, you agree to accept our terms and condition

If you are on a mobile device, you can purchase and watch our Confined Space Video Training HERE for a better mobile experience.



When you finish watching the video, you must take a short exam for the Confined Space Video class. Please contact us for the Confined Space exam.  PASSING SCORE OF 70% REQUIRED.  Once you finish your EXAM, SIGN IT, scan or take a picture of your exam and fax it to 1-510-952-3853 or e-mail your exam to

Please include your printed name and mailing address for your wallet card.  DON’T FORGET TO SIGN YOUR EXAM.



After you pass the exam, we will mail your wallet card within 10 business days Your card will be valid for 2 years from the day you take an exam.


** Working in Confined Space is one of the more dangerous jobs in construction, but through proper training, planning, and understanding of the roles that a Confined space worker has, hazards and accidents can be minimized or possibly eliminated.  All confined spaces require a pre-assessment of the hazards within starting with air-quality.  Understanding how to test the atmosphere prior to entry is critical. Other hazards may exist within the space and all entrants, attendants, supervisors, and rescue personnel should gather all of the necessary information prior to beginning work in order to fully understand the hazards that may exist within the workspace.


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