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We are proud to present our Online Video Courses for Construction & General Industry that covers a wide range of OSHA compliance topics. With 40 years of field experience, combined with our knowledge of insurance and occupational safety & health, we have created a Video Training course to support your companies S&H program. These video training courses are designed to save you time and provide the highest quality training right on your laptop or smart-phone.


Check Our Demo Video Out!

Fall Protection Video Training from Steve Turner on Vimeo.

Confined Space Video Training from Steve Turner on Vimeo.

Safety Orientation from Steve Turner on Vimeo.


How does our Video Training work?

We have created a simple solution for your convenience!

1. Choose Your Video Training Course and Download Handouts  We have several video training courses that allow you to keep your license current while working in Construction & General Industry.   You can download and print all course materials/ handouts that are specific to the course you’ve chosen. These handouts are helpful and will guide you through the video training so you won’t miss any important information.

2. Make A Payment And Watch Your Training Video Once you have your handouts ready, it’s time to watch your training video. Payment must be made before watching the training video. You will have 7 DAYS to access the video you choose.  Corporate & Large group discounts are available.  For more information, please call Steve 510-364-6010.

3. Take An Exam Upon completion of the training video , all students are required to pass a short exam to verify comprehension and satisfy regulatory compliance requirements for OSHA training. A PASSING SCORE OF 70% IS REQUIRED.

Once you finish your EXAM,  SIGN IT. NEXT:  scan or send a digital image of your exam.  FAX it to 1-510-952-3853 or e-mail your exam to Please include your printed name and mailing address for your wallet card.

DON’T FORGET TO SIGN YOUR EXAM. We will Mail Your Licensed Wallet Card

After you pass the exam, we will mail your wallet card within 10 business days Your card will be valid for 3 years from the day you take an exam. Optional: You can also send us your passport size photo (Max 2 MB) if you want your photo on the wallet card. (additional charge $5)

4.Get Your Wallet Card Once you pass the test, we’ll mail your Wallet Card within 10 business days. Certificates of completion are available (additional charge $10).  These will be emailed to you.


Choose Your Video Class!

Fall Protection Competent Person

Confined Space Training

Basic Hazards Construction Safety Awareness

Qualified Rigger & Signal Person Refresher

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