Crosby Rigger’s Pocket Guide

Crosby Card

Crane Hand Signal Sticker




Qualified Rigger


                                                                                                                                                                                      “pocket guide” – $10/each, 10 minimum per order – Shipping not included. Quantity discounts for orders over 100.

Note:  This guide is essential for the”qualified rigger”  <—–   (what is this?)

Each Rigger pocket guide also comes with ASME B30.5 Crane Hand Signals. 

The RIGGER guide has useful information on Slings, Hooks, Shackles, eye-bolts..and “HOW TO” calculate sling tension increases and locate C.G Center of Gravity.

You won’t want to give yours up once you see how valuable this little pocket guide is for Crane & Rigging work.  

The Hand Signals sticker attaches to the backside of the Rigger’s card.

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