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traffic flagger

Fed & Cal OSHA require that because flaggers are responsible for public safety and make the greatest number of contacts with the public of all highway workers,they should be trained in safe traffic control practices and public contact techniques.  As a result, flaggers shall be trained by a qualified person in the proper fundamentals of flagging moving traffic before being assigned as flaggers.

Trainers will be taught the training requirements as found in the MUTCD, Fed & Cal OSHA regulations as well as how to properly set up various flagger zones on their jobsites.

Class includes full training curriculum and a CD, DVD for training others in flagging operations. Trainers also get a wallet card template to create their own wallet cards and certify workers at their own facility or jobsite.

Please Note:  **CLASSES with less than 10 students may be rescheduled. All safety classes are payable in advance. Cancellation fees will apply unless 1 week written cancellation notice is given. Cancellation with less than 1 weeks written notice is non-refundable. Students will be placed in a future class if they cancel or “no show” with less than 1 week notice. Minimum class size requirements are subject to change without notice.

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