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Become the Excavation Safety Trainer for your company

Instruct others to become Competent Persons—>(what is this?)

Next Class – March 20

Future Dates:  4/10, 4/17, 5/8, 5/15

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Trainers get the complete DVD set and all the power point files to hold your own classes.   You also get the wallet card template and support for up to a year.  Trainer license is good for 5 years.

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OSHA requires a competent person to oversee all excavation and trenching work sites. The Competent Person Trenching & Excavation CPTE program is designed to simplify the task by providing participants with the information and training needed to become an OSHA compliant, competent person.

This class is for everyone that wants to Train their employees to safely work in and recognize hazards at excavation and trenching worksites.

Class includes full training curriculum and a CD, DVD for training others in excavation and trenching operations. You also get a wallet card template to create your own wallet cards and certify students at their own facility.

This course has been revised with the current Cal/OSHA, Construction Safety Orders, Sections 1540-1541, Title 8, California Code of Regulations, dated August 2007 and Subpart P – Excavation Standard of the Federal OSHA Regulations which includes definitions, general requirements, requirements for protective systems and soil classification. Class demonstrations include soil testing for compressive strength, air testing for deep trench issues, rescue with retrieval systems and shoring.

Participants receive a manual and are expected to pass an open book test with a grade of 70%.

Participants will be able to: Display knowledge of the Cal/OSHA, FED/OSHA Trenching and Excavation Standard. Read and understand OSHA Charts & Tab data. Understand how to categorize soil classification and correct soil testing procedures.

Understand how to select and use different types of protective systems. Identify hazards associated with trenches and excavations.

Cal/OSHA recommends that Competent Persons be re-certified every three years.

**subject to minimum class sizes
**CLASSES with less than 10 students may be rescheduled. All safety classes are payable in advance. Cancellation fees will apply unless 1 week written cancellation notice is given. Cancellation with less than 1 weeks written notice is non-refundable. Students will be placed in a future class if they cancel or “no show” with less than 1 week notice. Minimum class size requirements are subject to change without notice

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