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EPA requires all contractors to protect the public from lead exposure. Fines are costly up to $37,000 a day. 40 CFR 745.

Lead RRP- Renovation, Repair & Painting certification class (what is this?)

Do you Renovate, Repair or Paint homes or child-occupied facilities built before 1978?

If so, you need to know how to work safely with lead-based paint. This class is designed to help plan for and complete a home renovation, repair or painting project using lead safe work practices. Lead safe work practices are a group of techniques that reduce the amount of dust produced by renovation activities. When used correctly, they make the work area safer for workers and the home safe for residents when renovation is complete.

Turner Safety | LEAD EPA RRP Old Paint Repair CertificationLong recognized as a toxic substance, overexposure to lead can have adverse effects on the body’s blood and major organs, potentially causing death. In 1978, OSHA created a standard to protect workers in general industry from the harmful effects of lead overexposure. This training class will explain the difference between long-term and acute lead exposure, how each type of exposure affects the body, and the symptoms associated with overexposure. Workers learn how acute overexposure affects the brain, sometimes causing seizures, coma and even death.

Here are what you will learn in this EPA Certified class:

  • Why lead-based paint is a problem during renovations.
  • What the EPA and HUD regulations require of Certified Firms and Certified Renovators.
  • How to determine if lead-based paint affects work.
  • How to begin the work.
  • How to set up the work area to contain dust.
  • How to work in a lead-safe manner.
  • How to clean the work area and verify cleanliness.
  • How to dispose of waste safely.
  • How to document your work.

Your LEAD Renovate, Repair, & Painting Instructor: Dennis Gallagher

Dennis Lead Instructor At Turner SafetyDennis Gallagher has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. He has managed residential home owner projects from initial building phase, pre-walk inspection and quality control. In addition, he has supervised hazardous mold remediation project from trouble shooting – removal of the problem and build back – environmental testing. Moreover, Dennis had worked as a supervisor at Big Box Retail Stores for more than 5 years. He is bringing all of his experience and expertise to make sure students get the most out of our LEAD Renovation, Repair, & Painting Class

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